Wheelchairs are available in various sizes and shapes with plenty of choices that allow a wheelchair user to find exactly what they need. A number of wheelchair accessories are designed to offer greater convenience and comfort not only in using the wheelchair but also in performing day-to-day activities. Wheelchair accessories are as unique and diverse as their users. These accessories are designed for their day to day living, work and activities. 10 amazing wheelchair accessories you need to know about are as follows:

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  1. The most useful wheelchair accessories are the brakes and the seat belts. Every wheelchair user must use some kind of belt, whether it is a cushioned lap belt or a commonplace strap. Brakes are also very essential for any chair and brake extensions can be added to aid the user to properly manage the brake without any help.

  2. There is a vast selection of wheelchair bags that can be attached to the sides and back of a wheelchair or under it. It is up to a wheelchair user to decide on a bag that meets their budget and desire.

  3. Double clip instrument that may be used or walking sticks and many other applications is fitted on a chair by using a rubber ring system. The double clip powerfully grips walking sticks and other items.

  4. Shock absorbers and Frog legs are developed to minimize the vibration in the frame of the wheelchair. These accessories will reduce the vibration in the frame of a wheelchair due to riding over cracks, cobblestones in the road and other environmental imperfections.

  5. Wheelchair lift is a very essential tool that has revolutionized the way riders with disabilities work and live. Lifts for disabled users can easily be customizable. Users can also select the elevators, which could also serve their needs in best ways.

  6. There are several good wheelchair cushions available in the market. These cushions are specially cut for the wheelchair and they are generally made of medically-approved foam while numerous household cushions are made with feathers and other alternative material. Your wheelchair would be more comfy with a good cushion to support you.

  7. The wheelchair batteries are smaller in size, have longer cycle life, quicker recharge characteristics and have lower weight which are best for use in motorized wheelchairs. You must charge your wheelchair battery right after use with the help of wheelchair charger to maximize the potential and life span of the battery.

  8. Users with limited mobility can affix a cane holder to a wheelchair, helping them to easily carry their cane holder with them wherever they go and can get in and out of the wheelchair very easily to access some areas that wheelchairs can’t.

  9. Safety is the foremost consideration for wheelchair users. One must have the wheelchair strap and tie down which helps to keep the user secure, no matter what the situation is.
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Wheelchair lights should also be included in your wheelchair. They are multifunctional and can enhance the visibility for both you and for those people who might not be able to see you at first.