Master Chef is one of the great, addictive and successful shows among people of all ages for a number of reasons.  It’s the hot favorite choice of those who love food and we all get to know about the latest talents, culinary skills and new recipes to try. Every Master Chef fan loves to watch their favorite contests in best restaurant uniforms in white color.

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The talent of Master Chef contestants is improving with every passing year and the 2017 season is going to rock. It will bring new challenges and some of the best chefs to the kitchen.  Season 2016 of Master Chef is wrapped and fans are clamoring for the arrival of this hit reality show for the coming season.

Gary Maclean- The winner of MasterChef 2016

Gary Maclean has been named as Master Chef-The Professional Champion.  45 year old Maclean beat 47 other professional chefs over seven weeks of cooking competition. It was a great competition and one of the biggest competitions where any chef can put himself to prove best. Maclean defeated rivals Elly Wentworth, 24, and Matt Healy, 33, in the final round.  Gary has been such a great pleasure to rediscover himself as the best chef. He is one of the finest chefs who cook from the heart.

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Top 20 Master Chef finalists have always attracted the judges but the three finalists were exceptions. They attracted viewers and judges, leaving them guessing till the end who will be the winner. At the last moment, the contestants returned to the spotlight, swapping their waiter uniforms to the crispy white chef’s uniform.

The rival contestants of Gary in the show are all chefs at top restaurants, but Gary spends his day in teaching at City of Glasgow College.  As per Gary, his whole experience of MasterChef 2016 Professionals was remarkable and really enjoyable from starting to the finale. 

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