From managing schedules, food quality, dealing with customer issues and kitchen maintenance to buying menu covers, supplies, restaurant uniforms and pricing - who performs these tasks? Of course, a restaurant manager has to perform all these tasks.  He has to run everything as efficiently and profitably as possible.


Here are the key responsibilities of a restaurant manager:


  • Hiring and firing of staff: Often a restaurant manager is responsible for hiring, firing, training and managing the staff. He has to manage the schedules of all the departments and shifts of the employees.
  • Ordering inventory: This is another important job of a restaurant manager. It includes ordering of the house items like paper napkins, dishware, washing and cleaning supplies. He is also responsible for managing and buying menu accessories. The head chef and cook is responsible for ordering food items but it is the responsibility of restaurant manager to sign off the order and make sure that everything is within the budget. He is also responsible for tracking the costs and revising the menu prices whenever necessary.
  • Customer service: Customer service is the utmost concern of restaurant managers who hope to achieve repeat business from the patrons. Managers have to coordinate between the dining room and kitchen to ensure efficient service. He has to make sure that their customers leave the restaurant after having food happily. They closely work with chefs and have to handle everything from patrons to staff in a friendly manner.
  • Marketing: A restaurant manager is always involved in several marketing and advertising campaigns. He can also create promotional ideas such as deciding on the best restaurant uniforms matching the theme of the restaurant and come up with offers like weekend deals or happy-hours deals etc.
  • Bookkeeping:  Bookkeeping is other important task that a manager has to perform. He has to take care of all the daily deposits and maintain separate records. He has to cross-check all such details with bank accounts too.
  • Handling financial matters: It is the restaurant manager who keeps an eye on the restaurant budget. He monitors the costs of food, liquors, linens, invoicing etc. He has to make sure that everything there is in budget.

So, restaurant manager is an important person and has to control over all the day-to-day activities. A restaurant manager is the face of any restaurant. However he doesn’t wear chef coats, he doesn’t serve, and doesn’t cook, but he is like a film producer and has to deal with all the departments.